Zeofill Product Facts

Los Angeles Uses ZeoFill for Synthetic Projects
Compared to other zeolite products found in the USA, ZeoFill has the purest clinoptilolite zeolite to avoid possible issues with drainage or even damage to the turf fibers. Harmful elements of the environment in other zeolites contain metals that could contain volcanic glass, lead or even quartz which contains crystalline free silica. ZeoFill stands for quality and is the safest zeolite for artificial grass infill. 
NOTE: ZeoFill was spec'd out on a sports field in 2015 and the purchasing agent bought another zeolite brand with quartz which has recently caused issues with drainage. Make sure your purchasing agent for your company realizes there is a major difference between our zeolite and other cheaper brands to avoid a costly mistake. 
Purity is not the only benefit of ZeoFill. Performance testing has been done in Dalton GA for durability in field applications. We have established an 8 (eight) year limited warranty on ZeoFill due to the correct Mohs hardness of ZeoFill. Other similar products don't compare. ZeoFill is an angular infill but not hard enough to tear turf fibers. 
December 1, 2015 - 3rd party testing proves no swelling durability of ZeoFilll in freezing temperatures in sports fields applications. 
ZeoFill is a molecular structure which allows liquid to drain through itself slowly after saturation. 
We don't have the harmful angular elements of the environment restricting water from flowing through 
ZeoFill like other zeolites. 
Water down your turf before the big game. Keeps turf cooler for longer periods of time than any other 
infill product by evapotranspiration. 
.ZeoFill Cool Aggregate -  In-expensive All Weather Sport Field Infill.