How do I apply the PE-51 enzyme cleaner?

To view tutorial video click here: PE-51 Tutorial Video

  • Pre-soak turf surface lightly with water prior to product application. (Doing this prevents drying of the live enzymes)
  • Shake the 32 oz bottle prior to application. 
  • Attach water hose to max flow nozzle, ensuring black gasket is on the inside of the max flow nozzle.
  • Tighten bottle to nozzle clockwise; do not over tighten.
  • Turn water source on.
  • While holding the hose and nozzle end away from you, turn the safety tab back towards you.
  • Point the nozzle at the soiled areas and spray using a sweeping motion.
  • The nozzle dilutes the PE-51 concentrate product to 2 oz. / gallon of water, which covers 600 – 900 square feet.
  • When finished, turn the safety tab back to the upright position, turn water hose off at the source, and disconnect from max flow nozzle.
  • Turn the hose on without the nozzle. Lightly spray the turf keeping the turf wet for a long as you can. The longer the turf is wet the better for enzymes continue to be activated, killing bad bacteria.


How do I store my PE-51 bottle?

Store in a dry area out of direct sunlight. Save the max flow nozzle and 32 oz bottle to use with our 1 gallon bottle. (Note: The max flow nozzle will not fit the gallon jug.)

Why does my turf smell of urine?

There are many reasons why your turf may smell of urine, but it can be easily corrected! 

  1. You may be in need of more infill. 
  2. You may have a weed barrier or textile under the turf, which absorbs then traps the urine smell under the turf. 
  3. Your turf may be in need of maintenance to remove bacteria. We recommend using PE-51, which contains a live enzyme that breaks down bad bacteria. 
  4. Dog food protein content is 19% or higher.



What does high protein have to do with smell?

Higher red meat protein will cause your animal's digestive system to increase smelly urine and feces. 

Can I power wash my turf?

Power washing turf is not recommended because it may tear the grass fibers. 

Can I use PE-51 alone without using the nozzle?

Yes, even though PE-51 is a concentrated product, you can use it directly on any surface.

How often do I use PE-51?

PE-51 can be used on an as-need basis. There are multiple factors that can affect the needs of your home, for example: How many pets do you have? What size if your pet? How often is the area being urinated on? What type of protein is in the pets' diet? Seasonal changes? Etc. 

Can I use my own nozzle?

While you can use any nozzle, Zeofill's nozzles are designed to optimize the product by spraying 2 oz per gallon of water. 

When is the best time to clean my yard?

The best time to clean your surface is in the evening or during cool temperatures.
PE-51's live enzymes need time to activate with the water on the surface, to destroy any bad bacterial spores causing the bad odor. Application in direct sunlight can limit the amount of absorption.

Why is evening time the best time?

Urine odors are most likely coming from the bottom of the turf. As the heat rises, the more the smell becomes noticeable. This is due to bacterial spores and ammonia growing and rising. The reason evening time is best, is when the weather is cooler, the enzymes can move around freely under the turf killing the bad bacteria. The underlayment under the turf will stay wet longer in the evening.

After installation of your products, can I use regular water to keep the top of the turf wet?

Yes, lightly wet or sprinkle the area, but avoid drenching. For best results, the enzymes should remain wet for as long as possible, so they continue to actively work against bacteria and odor. 

What is the fragrance of PE-51?

ZeoFill is known for having the best scent for yard odor neutralizers because of our "Fresh Cut Grass" smell. If you grew up in the suburbs, you recognize it immediately: the sweet, sharp smell of someone mowing a lawn.

Is your cleaners concentrated?

All of our liquid products we sell on this site are concentrated to the highest content.

Does PE-51 work with any synthetic turf infill?

Yes! PE-51 was specifically to work with any synthetic turf and ZeoFill Infill. 

What are the benefits of using a live enzyme cleaner?

Using an all-natural live liquid enzyme ensures the safety of your yard, pets, and children. Using a dried enzyme will leave film, and can turn surfaces white. 

Is your live liquid enzymes safe for animals?

Absolutely, yes! Our product can be sprayed on real sod, cement, plants, rocks, fencing and most other surfaces. You can spray our “Live Liquid” enzymes while your pets are around. 

Why not other type of cleaners such as chlorine based products?

We do not recommend using chlorinated based products due to safety concerns.  We do however, recommend our All-Natural PE-51 which is safe for pets and children.