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"We have a pee pad outside on our balcony that our dog uses. We have a bucket with water and about a splash of this always available for after my dog goes to the bathroom. It takes the smell out of the turf and the concrete. No rinsing. It’s the best one we’ve tried. It smells good too, but not overpowering"
Wade Warren
"Easy to hook into the hose, smells good, eliminates smells for a week or so (if it’s not too hot out). When it’s hot in the summer, it can be a bit challenging to apply to the dog kennel (the area needs to stay damp for awhile for it to really work)"

Eleanor Pena
"This product is extremely pricy, however it is much more effective than others. Once sprayed our yard has a decent sent for up to two week. On occasion, we have rewet the ground after a week and the eliminator smell can slightly come back out. Other Simple products we use do a similar job, but only last for 2-3 days."
Savannah Nguyen

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